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  1. Oh, skin! what a cloth to live in.
  2. We are not at the end of things.
  3. He’s tuxedoed and I’m in a cocktail dress.
  4. How gussied up we get.
  5. Drink this, roll that.
  6. Another sender different gender.
  7. We’re going to hit a win.
  8. We’re going to swallow vodka
  9. and slap down money
  10. and stand around frocked and gossiping
  11. and bleed a little in the bathroom
  12. from earlier today when we were a little minx.
  13. (He really is of the masses, mama said.)


  1. The reverberation of a bursting whale departed the ocean’s arcades. The
  2. novice corpse forged the outline of an eel from the vaporized worms in a
  3. bird. Its microphones grazed on satellite glass. Its gongs pollinated squalls.


  1. Kate Middleton vs. Princess Diana in their wait for the heir
  2. Princess Diana was induced, just like Kate Middleton might be
  3. Kate Middleton birth induced like Princess Diana’s with Prince William?
  4. Kate Middleton and Prince William to mirror Princess Diana’s parenting style
  5. The legacy of Princess Diana will continue to live on!
  6. Kate Middleton’s baby could be in danger, warns Princess Diana’s guard
  7. Kate Middleton baby danger kidnap security safety
  8. Click for more pics of Kate
  9. Kate Middleton’s child could be prime target for kidnapping
  10. As if Kate didn’t have enough to worry about
  11. Kate Middleton: pressured to breastfeed royal baby
  12. Kate Middleton and Prince William: ‘relaxed’ before baby
  13. Kate Middleton: will she be induced before Queen Elizabeth’s vacation?
  14. Princess Diana’s pregnancy style
  15. If Princess Diana were alive, she’d definitely approve of Kate Middleton’s pregnancy style!
  16. Kate Middleton, Princess Diana Pregnancy Photos
  17. Kate Middleton Princess Diana
  18. Kate Middleton and Diana: Princesses with Style
  19. Kate Middleton and Princess Diana crowned top style icons
  20. Why Kate Middleton is no Princess Diana
  21. Kate Middleton planning a natural birth in the same hospital as Princess Diana
  22. Pregnant Duchess Kate compared with Princess Diana
  23. Prince William and Kate Middleton plan to visit Princess Diana’s grave at Althorp after baby arrives
  24. Kate Middleton to bring up the royal baby in the style of Princess Diana
  25. Fashion wars: Kate Middleton vs. Princess Diana
  26. Kate Middleton plans to copy Princess Diana!
  27. Kate Middleton names her baby after Princess Diana
  28. Kate Middleton plays tribute to Princess Diana in an emotional grave visit with William
  29. Kate Middleton never met Princess Diana
  30. Kate Middleton and Princess Diana: sure, it may not be the fairest comparison, but it’s unavoidable