In All Cases Drought Has the Same Result

  1. Sad numbers survive in place
  2. of rainfall, produced by the same
  3. declining area of pasture. Soil
  4. has something to do with acts
  5. committed, much like overgrazing
  6. problems we find around
  7. boreholes. Someone hears soul
  8. in soil, as desertification rings
  9. with decertification. What is
  10. a village level to a regional one,
  11. no, really, what is a village?
  12. It can hardly become more
  13. desert-like, selected for key
  14. difficulties when annual rains
  15. have failed, are late coming,
  16. become smaller than water
  17. received in recent years.
  18. Overcultivation takes a number
  19. of forms in our dry estimate,
  20. some knowledge denuded,
  21. to divest a covering faster
  22. than it can be formed. Clouds
  23. condense into a liquid vertical
  24. reality, and in the never still
  25. air plants die or like us, live
  26. in a water balance model
  27. best defined by rainfall alone.