The Last Traces of Bluffs Fading Out

  1. Once the same landscape was feral
  2. then matured to become subdued, and
  3. in humans this could not but be
  4. sad, as if a will
  5. to retain sharp and uneven
  6. ridges could impersonate a heart,
  7. maybe more than once tricked
  8. by the mind. Weathering rain-wash
  9. the river wears a waste apron
  10. that grades the rocks to steeper slopes.
  11. I could never give you the infinite
  12. details, though detail would show
  13. I know a thing well, not broadly
  14. convex hills and mountains, but fine
  15. textures of ravines and spurs.
  16. There are also medium and coarse
  17. domes and sugarloafs, the Sierra
  18. Nevada of California, and the New
  19. Zealand rocks of Tararua range,
  20. deeply mantled with residual clay.
  21. I never went there and still can
  22. say the summits are of subdued
  23. form, the relatively weak rocks
  24. betray the resistant, or
  25. the opposite, by their nearness
  26. on the hillside slopes, varying
  27. in exhibitions of the unending.
  28. The infantile shoulder or edge
  29. of the valley divides, and is
  30. not ashamed of memory.