The Neighborhood of Light

  1. Threads of red smoke rise from the chimney
  2. into rabbit forms, circling until long
  3. ears fold. Against the bluish
  4. sloping sky their outlines appear in black,
  5. the bunny tapering into punctuation
  6. marks, before air takes the smoke back,
  7. the sky left blind and hairless. Then
  8. a gray kitten chases a bunny above
  9. the clay red pot, escaping the fortress
  10. into a hovering meadow without holes.
  11. When the kitten separates into pellet
  12. sized clouds, the bunny grazes alone.
  13. Our inattention snares the fine hair
  14. of a momentary gray rabbit. Then
  15. as a wandering walrus ascends, he loses
  16. his straight tusks. An oncoming sliver
  17. of moon steals his whiskers. Ten thousand
  18. times bigger than mugshots in books.
  19. And if we look now his hat will tilt
  20. to show its stitches of rabbit pelt,
  21. or maybe missing the softness of earlier
  22. scattered visions makes it seem so.
  23. An orange spattered cottontail cannot
  24. live long enough to be a coward
  25. when the tiger swallows him
  26. in merciless somersaults, splitting
  27. both bodies upon landing in a zenith.
  28. The collapsing string of horizon appears
  29. the fault of night’s interest in another
  30. kind of imagining. The darkness wants
  31. into our eyes. A smell of wood
  32. chips lingers outside as the feeble light
  33. in the kitchen comes on. Suddenly
  34. the lean zoo narrows to a neighboring
  35. bark, a closing bell for clouds. We trudge
  36. down the stairs of neutered dreams
  37. into the industry of quarrying below
  38. where rocks appear to be stones.
  39. The taste is coarse as sand and clay,
  40. and though at the table seated we stay,
  41. our thoughts, our rivers and roads.