In a Station of the Metro

  1. Our situation is complicated, full of negations
  2. and negations of negations. To remember
  3. experience rather than what’s occurring—
  4. this detachment replaced with strangers
  5. other strangers recognize. It will be repeated
  6. in a station of the metro, rain and silence,
  7. revisions of subjectivity propose the rain
  8. manufactures the rain devoid of hymns.
  9. One form of memory is forgetting another.
  10. For instance, I wanted to do something great
  11. for god, a sanctuary against the world
  12. in a faraway city. To condemn those who are
  13. hazardous, particularly regarding suicide.
  14. A lament is knowing that a man’s body is found
  15. most often in the room where breathing ceased
  16. beside lines composed for a future phantom.
  17. It was a sympathetic room for the sick, to say
  18. little of how mundane the view, how birds
  19. refused candor for branches in the center of a forest
  20. at an hour both poetic and prosaic, an hour when
  21. a book is closed, a letter signed with sudden emotion.
  22. Strange revisions of thought manufactured darker
  23. reflections set down during the composition of this
  24. letter, sent from one hand to another chronology
  25. and held at the frame of evening with its status
  26. of personal utterance repeated, as if to say, as if to say.