1. A jar does not sing its contents
  2. it either savors or forgets. If one
  3. fact has lost a particle, the jar
  4. that holds your thought begins
  5. to quiver with such misfortune.
  6. There’s no good degree of opinion
  7. to back us up. The jar left out
  8. on a dock in all species of weather,
  9. like a body takes its fill and empties
  10. what it cannot hold. I looked out:
  11. The ocean was catastrophic. Moonbeams
  12. were serene, each a shroud,
  13. fell as we were taught, not from
  14. a heavenly body but a construction
  15. of dust. We no longer wait for
  16. the world to change. I place a jar
  17. out to catch the rain, to start over
  18. again. A jar once polished is not
  19. a cause but a vessel waiting for stems,
  20. for stones. No matter the cause
  21. you place a jar on the table. Let’s
  22. place a jar on an ark and shove it
  23. to sea. Let the sea be catastrophic,
  24. let the jar glimpse the natives,
  25. the savages, the civilized, but let it
  26. wash ashore, find itself far gone.