Tending to Degrade

  1. It is conceivable pain will affix, building from present
  2. states of previous illnesses and uncured by changes
  3. in air. It is conceivable in the absence of explanations
  4. the air within is circulated in a variety of shapes
  5. imagined here, as I have been coached, in a soothing
  6. hue. Difficulties arise if one imposes upon them.
  7. Take-off my coat. Separate what I think from what is
  8. actually going-down, one’s balance being dependent
  9. on distance understood as finite to the unaided eye.
  10. I’m uncertain that’s factual. Take a seat and with this
  11. pencil satisfy the questions regarding graveyard
  12. grass and how often thoughts reside there: Once.
  13. More than once a week. It is conceivable an odd
  14. premonition could mimic a real one and spontaneously
  15. casual symptoms unchecked and subject to perils,
  16. all manner of varied stimuli and shocks, will advance.
  17. Such data when reproduced in an interior voice
  18. actively devoid of anxiety, as I have been coached,
  19. resigns to common-sense, management of time, and
  20. schedules. Dim the lights. Breakthroughs do happen,
  21. though require a village or a rough draft of a village,
  22. an army of horsemen, rowers, or footmen over
  23. indeterminate topography. Granted, it is conceivable
  24. to find comfort in the soul as an ancient constellation
  25. derived from a reptilian god and subject to storm winds
  26. or if such assurances are unnatural to your constitution,
  27. settle for staring out an oval window at the sea with designs
  28. to prevent further morbid conditions. Dim the lights.
  29. Little is available to aid the passage of night, yet it is incumbent
  30. to try. Scientifically, there’s always a chance the sky will
  31. unhinge, but in the final analysis, rational arrangements
  32. must be made. It is conceivable we’re beating a dead horse,
  33. even regions of calm, interior or subject to catalogues of weather,
  34. prolong a journey. It is conceivable this is how it starts, here
  35. out this window, white birds, white birds, gray water, the name
  36. of the shapes, as of now, harboring no intent to harm.