Poem after The Last Usable Hour

  1. For Deborah Landau
  2. Is it wrong we poets
  3. Are always noticing how dark
  4. The whole thing is
  5. Just how wide the opening
  6. To go into
  7. And give out
  8. Not anymore, I shuffle myself a little
  9. Into a dress and the night
  10. But also into a day
  11. That wants nothing to do with me
  12. And too the sun is not anything
  13. But I love it anyway
  14. Feel the end approach
  15. When will I fall gently asleep
  16. Or will I lay a hand upon its burning face
  17. And not be broken
  18. Still pink and patterned house
  19. I will go into you
  20. As they shut the door
  21. Who knows
  22. I am green and wild
  23. And I will always be
  24. And we will always be poets
  25. Such kinship we will never lack
  26. Dear weird sister wind
  27. And something that I recall
  28. Oh who knows it was so long ago
  29. Before the light-drenched time
  30. When I still held my own memories