The Readings

  1. 1.
  2. Mutable stipend, junk
  3. saturated in the moldy room
  4. with the thin blue rug.
  5. The pivot has some mystery
  6. as of the last dream with the huge
  7. white birds flowering down.
  8. The morning was brilliant
  9. but then all junk
  10. broke loose and scattered into the sky.
  11. Was I meant to consult
  12. this tissue of meaningless harbingers?
  14. 2.
  15. Make no mistake: behind
  16. a curtain, a continuum.
  17. Blink, sun.
  18. The bugs are back.
  19. The skin is salty.
  20. Behind the curtain,
  21. a mistake or just the old dark
  22. thrown across the myopic past.
  23. We have a drawing of a hairy stick
  24. beseeching a tree to rescind.
  25. Others are losing their bark.
  26. Lovely, now, the milky shade.
  27. But behind the curtain, junk
  28. and orbits and
  29. a serenade to those
  30. who keep watch
  31. while the ditch fills with dull things.
  32. The river in the distance is alive with light.
  33. Make no mistake, the water is alight.
  35. 3.
  36. In the dust of a former moon,
  37. an abridgement.
  38. If this were prose,
  39. the little agreements would obtain,
  40. and you could turn
  41. toward the missing light
  42. like an angel on a fence.
  43. I mean a bird, a bird
  44. in prose. Or the spun ordeal
  45. arising as a missing object
  46. its body so enclosed as to be
  47. a convenient newsy thing,
  48. the broken soldier’s spouse.
  49. Not that the dream ever matters.
  50. What exactly was intended
  51. to be tossed
  52. into the regressive frame?
  53. Some figure?
  54. Some petty marker?
  55. She will trade her mother’s
  56. shawl for passage. Let her come aboard.
  57. Veet! Veet! The bluejay’s yell
  58. is hollow the way that light is blinding.