World Cup

  1.                         for Nick Keys
  2. The world allows    stop me at any point
  3. I am so sorry    idea, symbol, procedure
  4. allows for    tennis  Roger Federer
  5. try not to consume the view   I am really sorry
  6. after the fact       after      more than a few
  7. flying in the face of necessity      allows
  8. for error   invariably corrected    the world
  9. corrected   I am very sorry stop me at any point
  10. down below captured          Roger Federer
  11. the world allows  you ask   what is this world
  12. clarity      a procedural game  not    if then
  13. not      consequential     openly
  14. distributed   stop me at any point  motion
  15. transparent       you can see a match       pass
  16. to pass      Roger Federer       or hear
  17. the  noise of bees               oceans of bees.