Credit Bubble

  1. The three witches gaggled their geese.
  2. “The early word captures the cake.”
  3. “Too many looks repel the least.”
  4. Every poem begins as a mistake.
  5. “Too many cooks suffer from sloth.”
  6. “Too many cocks spoil the broth.”
  7. Shall we divide the flame from the froth?
  8. Why choose? Why not take both?
  9. Many exist, but few can deal.
  10. Few feel the hunger for height
  11. of an eagle on a girder of steel.
  12. Many believe, but few are right.
  13. The three bitches wore their baubles.
  14. “What's good for the gander is good
  15. for besotted belchers of bubbles.”
  16. And cackled in the wood, misunderstood.