The Lovers

  1. They’ve suffered stifling summer, they’ll suffer this keen crippling cold.
  2. They’ve crossed distressing distance in order to play their dissonant notes
  3. at once—shrill pitch (interference, feedback)—each suffers the sound
  4. of the other. Now they need mileage to divide them (& diminuendo)
  5. they can’t bear eye-contact anymore, their glances dart, coy, frantic
  6. —around them seconds hatch & hatch between inquiries & replies:
  7. “Why did you come here?” “Where will you go next?”—they want to go
  8. back inside the pause, where implausibility hung on the fringe of what
  9. was plausible—before they tangled then detangled—before intimacy,
  10. secrecy, jealousy, before yes before the subsequent no hissed hastily—
  11. back to the outskirts (sublime simplicity) (“Can we endure longer?”)
  12. —after the insufferable tone, indifference, the individuals, unhinged.