Jane Eyre

  1. My usual mood of humiliation fell on embers. I was in the
  2. mood for being useful or officious. It appeared he was not
  3. in the mood to notice us. His changes of mood did not
  4. offend me. He was, in short, in his after-dinner mood. There
  5. was something off in the paroxysm which seized him when
  6. he expressed his mood. He was moody, too. I believed his
  7. moodiness. In his present fractious mood, she dared not
  8. whisper observations. That restless, excited mood which
  9. hurried into darkening. I was fully aware that only serious
  10. moods were acceptable. A singular mood came over me. No
  11. new allusion was made to the subject over which I brooded.
  12. I walked slowly to enjoy the species of my brooding.
  13. Besides his frequent absences, another barrier to friendship
  14. was his brooding. We brooded over bliss. I sought my
  15. bedroom to brood over it. In his countenance I saw a change
  16. that looked brooding. A puerile tear dimmed my eye. I
  17. wiped my tears, fearful anyone would comfort me. A
  18. wretchedness kept drawing from me silent tears. After
  19. drinking some coffee, I swallowed the remainder with some
  20. tears. Left to myself, my tears watered the boards. She
  21. wiped a tear from her cheek. Tears, hot and large, had
  22. continually been scalding my cheek. While trying to devour
  23. my tears, I was seized by a fit of coughing. Some natural
  24. tears shed on being told this. A few words would bring tears
  25. to your eyes. He stopped and burst into tears. My tears had
  26. risen as in childhood. Neither of us had dropt a tear. My
  27. tears gushed out. I was so hurt by her coldness that tears
  28. rose to my eyes. A tear of impatience. Ashamed of it, I
  29. wiped it away. I was preparing for a hot rain of tears.
  30. Besides, the flood-gates of tears were opened. I had been
  31. struggling with tears for some time. I had taken pains to
  32. repress them, because I knew he would not like to see me
  33. weep. I let them flow as freely and long as they liked. If the
  34. flood annoyed him, so much the better. I interrupted,
  35. furtively dashing some tears from my eyes. The tears
  36. gushed to her eyes. I was suffocating with the bitterest tears.
  37. The trace of tears was doubtless. The bitter check had
  38. wrung from me some tears. So much hurt that tears started
  39. to my eyes. More than once, my tears blistered the page. I
  40. saw a tear slide. The last letter I received drew tears. I
  41. gushed and brooded, moodily. I brooded on my moody
  42. gushing. I wiped away.