1. You should see them change a light bulb:
  2. If you don't know what the (a) secret fiction is how can it depress you?
  3. Or was it the “theater of [the] mind” as in, reified by “and I love radio”.
  4. Or the real question, latent in the original question- ‘How could it be?’
  5. Only some aspect of intent shown here manifest, done so, to tell me.
  6. And ‘this is for’ how it goes to glass, fact with crevices, waves upon it.
  7. As for many subjects, all sides though delimited by opulent tenor, object.
  8. As buried in amber flash, ‘there is’ a little bit every day, between us.
  9. To capture fidelity, otherwise disembodied, to filter emptiness, radio.