Always Do

  1. For Laura Hunt
  2. Your departure chancing about April’s booming cusps,
  3. each landing stem takes
  4. and delivers information. At the switch of
  5. the type-tables you encountered all, vanishing in lists, lost
  6. amidst a thousand chiming vestibules of steam.
  7. So palming clueless silences you cancel and go, fox-eared
  8. in a whirlwind to which your clock is set, outer state
  9. bulb joining you in the freeze, image quashed on the equals
  10. and they’re off popping their sockets, where pieces flare up
  11. happen, then shift: pass blank from hand.
  12.                 Placed with an articulated slit
  13.                 up the fornicating chair-legs
  14.         is the ribbon, to put out world in lapsed spray of
  15.         fortune: the metal vegetable creating life
  16.         of non-life, its stoppages bloom, whose petals
  17.         snowing crime advance the padlock and propeller,
  18.         winning stance. Sapience is swept over a live tar
  19.         reduced to air, distilling throat lit, the have flapper
  20.         deleted down by a half: a plus sign you rally paint,
  21.         stonewall buttermilk infinitudes in a haze. A flat chaos is
  22.         sprung open, and you are dispersed by stylings of witness
  23.         captured only in the dismissals of a look, as you suit up
  24.         in each snap the hornet’s flickering riddle and poise
  25.         display: whose answers vaporized inflate the finish-line
  26.         crashing down with this honey called as destroyed
  27.         from all history, memory tuned on slats of germinating decay,
  28.         dialing pleasure out of sunlit tents...
  29. Here the folding ruler flexes its oval blush, speed
  30. bending measure into lengths of rounded light, as your lips
  31. boot-up in full pomp of addition, whose trumping vocables
  32. sound a range of equivalence that creates nothing
  33. and destroys nothing, as you see it breathing in the circle’s unending curve.
  34. To snooker progress, you favor the ballooning barbell.
  35. A desert-inhabitant… luck tone vetoes waves… to smooth
  36. the cabin wall until its four-sided response transmits a flash,
  37. the stunned alarm squared off wheeling in the fizz
  38. as the freckle endows your head with its boon of novelty.
  39. It is love, or else a swig of mortality funneled into a Coke bottle,
  40. duping the doped up rules of thumb, the split
  41. a moot point, smashed over an iota of whole Iowa…
  42.         Forever disguising you is this backlit marquee
  43.         of reduplicate identity, escaped
  44.         under the sign of an invented death.
  45.         So you walk beneath the thundering parasol,
  46.         twirled instant, as it spins off the curvature of your will.
  47.         For now the hermit is to be the man about town,
  48.         his trench-coat inverted, socializing schmaltz;
  49.         whose raining tribes are the varicolored bulbs of Saturday night,
  50.         neutralizing the water-logged distance. So he herds
  51.         all his jittering dots into a pint of noise, housing sodas
  52.         of the June charged air, which suits your nose
  53.         so very well, Mein liebchen!
  54.         as you are alive to the siphonings of
  55.         and every stunt that goes flipping through the grass exit,
  56.         the sleeve sucking the day
  57.         through your vice, like a tether-ball
  58.                and the button pops open
  59.                smooth gulpings off a feathered figure 8
  60.                an oval dish of air to mark the spot
  61.                placing you outside out