An Exit

  1. After many nights the raining embassy was open in reply
  2. to the first injection, as it began to glide up and fade into a flowering armpit
  3. of sky, clearings for the future swept free by the entry ramp’s ascent
  4. with an evacuation preceding each of its statements, emblazoned in slush of
  5. triumphing phlox, the new vacuum shining inseminated,
  6. your name slid like a photograph up the smoking marble façade.
  7. And issuing report of nectar: the chief witnesses dispersed in final
  8. tents --- the blind man shaving in the sunlit room
  9. where the sun painted the gold watch out of the picture.
  10. This was his offer: the question repealed, served
  11. with a chilled glass of milk and the demolishing flag.
  12. You named it “September.” All over again
  13. the laughing swivel took up its song, mounting blank
  14. expression onto a flattened surge of grass, as the shaped
  15. spark came flying to hand, the scarf a criminal magnet
  16. drawing up fresh description of its opposite.
  17. Now only yesterday enlisted you to its arriving flood
  18. launched into surface, amassing histories of air
  19. and dust, as the carnation face poisoned you on sight of it: a red smirk
  20. turning out to greet you at the other end.
  21. So in display of the one desert cube up ahead, with no sides
  22. shifting along the horizontal, you began to echo
  23. each finishing stranger you passed on these cream-colored boulevards;
  24. advertising its particles: an upright starting sea.
  25. And duping you into an unveiled performance of
  26. the arising emptiness, his sandals go whistling along an extended arc,
  27. a sponge sharpening its rescinded advance, as you are slung
  28. showering forever into fresh news of the nothing that lifts you
  29. into this charged contradiction, glimpsing your escape through a flash of
  30. exit in the incinerating honey, the question pulverized
  31.                                                                to the returning smile
  32.                                                                and the future exploding from your heels