Interactive Magic

  1. First there were wishes and witches, then
  2. Fixed apples, dream horses, gruff hired men,
  3. But beggars and princesses? Mythic both,
  4. Though we rode or were dragged through the undergrowth.
  5. Today, any match can magick: don’t take much to make a door.
  6.              1st PREFERENCE         conversation, what a restaurant meal is for
  7.              2nd                                     lucid dreaming
  8.              ALSO ACCEPTABLE   grocery store
  9.              COMMENT:                   This should be the Mount Union, Pennsylvania, IGA, in
  10.                                                          1976 before Thanksgiving. A tall energetic woman in her
  11.                                                          early sixties leads you up and down its tall-shelved aisles,
  12.                                                          past splintery firewood pyramids, bags of birdseed, bales
  13.                                                          of hay, and hunting boots in khaki, orange, and toddler-
  14.                                                          jigsaw-puzzle camouflage. She chooses a sackful of earth
  15.                                                          for herself; a lantern for her landbound sailor husband; a
  16.                                                          bushel of macs for the guests who are slowly arriving at
  17.                                                          her farm. You are just a goosegirl wearing catskin.
  18. There is a calendar here.
  19. There is a sword here.
  20. There is a box of matches here.
  21. You are holding one end of a cord.
  22. You could take something, but what do you want?
  23. How do you know what you’ll need later in the game?
  24. Later, trees were rosetrees. Later, crescent moons would speak.
  25. Later, gifts arrived, one at a time, through a candle flame.
  26. The baby could turn the lights on when he arched his back
  27. And squalled. The baby quickly learned what you were called.
  28. His grandmother lay on her deathbed in a morphine-haze, not very many
  29. Days. “What is her name?” “Shayna,” you said,
  30. And she was gone. You have tried to refigure that beauty from the elements
  31. For half a decade now; how’s that work going? Meanwhile, whew!
  32. The baby’s looking good. He’s learned to cook. He’s talking sense.
  33. He’s being kind to you.
  34. Four angels at the bedposts: Galileo, Dee, and Faust.
  35. The fourth is standing just behind my head, in CGI,
  36. And changing fast.
  37. I think I know that guy.