Sappho, Fragment 2

  1. Aphrodite, wait’ll you see our party
  2. everybody’s going to hit the orchard
  3. apple trees & smoke blowing through the branches
  4. some of it’s incense
  5. it’s so cool here listening to the water
  6. splash around the trees & there’s tons of roses
  7. shadows on the lawn & we’ll all be sleeping
  8. out in the open
  9. not far over’s where they let out the horses
  10. it’s an empty field and it’s full of flowers
  11. every time the wind comes in our direction
  12. everything’s honey
  13. we’ve got wine here, Kypriot: come and get some
  14. someone brought wineglasses with golden edges
  15. it’s good stuff–it tastes like a celebration
  16. when are you coming?