From the Dictionary of the History of Ideas: Empathy

  1. The insistence by some that the distinguishing characteristic of empathy is the merging
  2. of subject and object has not seemed by others to be the important requirement
  3. The rip in the piedmont came with a flue inherent.
  4. The scent everyone said was mephitic, but we stayed.
  5. From beyond its sediment apron, it was not an eye at all.
  6. In the negatives it looks like fire, with hair of light above.
  7. It’s being weird, everyone says, looking down.
  8. We’re not boring holes, we’re facilitating flues.
  9. In software development, you begin by creating
  10. a persona, someone whose problems are yours
  11. to understand. We knew a few things about
  12. the cinder aroma. A sink in sandstone is customary,
  13. and is equally likely under water. Under water,
  14. it is often called a hole. Blue Hole, locals say.
  15. It may be colder there if you’re swimming across.
  16. The water that gets in the rip is rain and won’t amount.
  17. Remember Marianne Moore looked into a grave
  18. with a man, and her mother oversaw: it was ocean.
  19. The rip too is the kind of hole that gets not full but
  20. fraught. He has a problem with his eye, the pit of it
  21. moves around. He keeps his voice in his throat,
  22. you can feel it. Say it, sky. The sky might, that’s
  23. the sound he makes, fricative, glottal plosive, moan.
  24. Disproven: the illusion things gather at the rip.
  25. We can assume q is why we slept poorly near,
  26. especial but why. We can assign its isolation
  27. to the beta version and run a trial. As green
  28. can sometimes pick up green around, or a geyser sigh.
  29. Whose counsel precedes him is always home. I awoke
  30. compelled to wash it once; the wolves had been so rough.
  31. We came to call the night watch a sight bath,
  32. mooning in, because, I suppose, of the way
  33. one acclimates. Now play the same melody next
  34. to a sink in the earth; here and there, ambient echolalia, like
  35. a little genius interpreting reprimand.
  36. The telefoto survey has not yet surfaced, but I
  37. grow anxious. No results for “volcano goes bankrupt.”
  38. The clop of alpaca on the butte once drifted in
  39. on the wind. It’s true we presuppose him a user, false
  40. his facelessness is sacrosanct, set apart from fantasy.
  41. We voted the crank down by a narrow majority.
  42. On our elbows, we worked on that imitation some,
  43. after Moore. The sensor had a housing and, well,
  44. we inventory everything. When we reorganized camp
  45. to make of the tents a floor-through billet, we’d wanted
  46. to sympathize, to think of thinking without branching.
  47. Whose brand is famous descends within. Everybody knows
  48. who was deceived by revenant Nobody and personnel.
  49. The story is worn. But to look one-eyed at something
  50. was how our photography changed our painting; lament
  51. via epistemology. Climb to where the tarn is a coin
  52. in size and shine and feel a final time the bossing
  53. of your own lost pocket change. At your feet should be
  54. the red shale calcite with which to rubricate
  55. back at the rip, and turn the questions down.
  56. What part of me goes over when I imagine the chalk drop?
  57. Is it by virtue of being more mineral more planetary below?
  58. From now on in, a blanket fallibilism as far as it will go.
  59. Whose motive we know is measurable conforms.
  60. Wool in the air a kind of krill for the whale of the hole.
  65.                          We are not a self-starting institution here, we only disapprove
  66.                                                                    of something when somebody asks us to