Universal Description of the Known World Without End

  1. for Bill Spanos
  2. VII.
  3. you don't wait
  4. you don't suspend your consciousness until
  5. you arrive at what you're waiting for
  6. the start is always now
  7. a logic has already spoken for us
  8. we might not know it
  9. our memory undermines us
  10. history supplies us with French and Roman stereotypes
  11. an army of swans & savants
  12. the fright that is our privilege in this world
  13. the threat of the mob, the henchpeople
  14. even in their sleep more efficient than ever before
  15. the invisibility of the hitherto visible
  16. suffering of the natives
  17. so close to the surface
  18. we feel it as if it's the way things are
  19. the effigies unhomed, exploited, feared
  20. have always known these things
  21. they fish but do not farm
  22. roam but do not occupy
  23. range do not inhabit
  24. they beg us to make their lives better
  25. the effigies cry out together
  26. we must change our life
  27. they're at work eternally despite us
  28. threatening always to embrace us
  29. our hand in their throat is at work
  30. my wife was a world of exilic figures
  31. she knew what those in the community don't:
  32. we are not put into the world by a story
  33. we are not put into a story by the world
  34. between our work and the earth is an art
  35. not the truth
  36. it's an oak tree, stupid
  37. no consciousness, no conscience
  38. though the leaves smile
  39. we gather around our tree
  40. and beg for mercy
  41. for a truth that is there but invisible
  42. some sort of war thing
  43. infiltrates our memory
  44. we lay helpless in the road