About the Marriage of Amour and Psyche

  1. for Adrian & Sweeney
  2. I.
  3. The golden tropes of America are
  4. (like deranged angels) swirling ‘round our heads
  5. on the drive to work, the dentist, friends
  6. in this diaphanous, rote, and merry
  7. bubblegum circumspection
  8. that all our unctuous wards are the heirs to
  9. —to soap, to yearn without essential bob
  10. till when in a fork’s devised: the rowdy
  11. secession, revolt in honor’s due
  12. then the breath pauses before you
  13. and we sing into a thousand flaming skies
  14. abrupt, serenely damaged, in disguise
  15. my lungs are carried to you on the wind
  16. through a city that hasn’t yet begun.
  17. II.
  18. Conjure through the technologic aspect:
  19. no newspaper clipping will be the same
  20. a holy writ thus intertwined in name
  21. with the tandem thirsts of love and faith
  22. just as two souls mature, actualize
  23. at their joint, preternatural urgings
  24. so that one’s desire, and need, for the other
  25. is the instigating magic
  26. that calls the complimented (and complicit)
  27. desire for union into life
  28. and the variegated solstice rises
  29. and lends itself unto the sacred harp!
  30. A dual existence is as base as
  31. the cotton that winds in earthful gyre
  32. and it is as blessed yet as effaced as
  33. an intellect that scribes “Universe”
  34. —like motion, indelible cursive—
  35. between the heart and where you put your hand
  36. (basins bled out into un-supporting
  37. habitats we’d wrestled by destination
  38. and surfaced like twin gobbets on the sun)
  39. as burns, as burns, the mortal fire.
  40. III.
  41. Time was, time is, and time will be again
  42. like title brings allegiance to the crest
  43. come forth, all gentle acolytes
  44. wring close within the gates of fond record
  45. as we’ll be fulfilled—shining in the rest
  46. (For we are nothing but promises; girls
  47. who stir inside unanimous valleys
  48. for whom fact accomplished melts, slugs adrift
  49. because our discourse, our contracted brush
  50. brings the hysteric moon to where you are
  51. suspended in delicious memory
  52. from whence come, what nurtured the pilgrimage
  53. now new futures pass daily through our lips).
  54. You won’t return to familiar office
  55. as this brandished and designed scripture
  56. co-mingles, wizardly, with the impress
  57. of a shoulder-touched meadow of renewal
  58. —the kids are probably alive
  59. meant for rare hens, truck and peacetime (rejoice)
  60. which is a form for all of those who broke
  61. a tanned and elder page from lovely crafts
  62. and all of those who are, resolved, composed
  63. inside of a perfect spindle of truth.
  64. Telephones and radios, replete
  65. with important announcements of the cause
  66. reverberate in the place between the skulls
  67. and if she has nothing but his just breast
  68. and he nothing but her theologies
  69. of distances spanned and time depressed
  70. then, love-earned, endear that gift to me
  71. and forever, succinct in each other
  72. wed out deliveries into the world
  73. and exist, priceless collaboration—exist!