Girl Talk

  1. Her breasts like orbs
  2. Her cheek as soft as a woman’s thighs
  3. His cock like a phallus
  4. like a cock like a cock
  5. This one’s right up my alley
  6. My body is as healthy as a cock (Walt Whitman)
  7. It sounded like something he would say
  8. The collective (g)irl unconscious?
  9. My mother had a double mastectomy
  10. TMI
  11.                           infantilized breasts
  12.    I mean I say ‘nipples’ all the time
  13. Nobody needs to have them
  14. you’re lanky            you have breasts!
  15. A weird night in San Francisco when
  16. I lost my nipples
  17. My nipple bleeds into the breastmeat
  18. My alien nipple bleeds into the alien breastmeat
  19. TMI
  20. TMI
  21. TMI
  22. , Dad
  23. I don’t wanna know about it
  24. your mind controls your brain your brain
  25. controls your body                 (lack of
  26. psychological consensus)
  27. the emotional register of your brain/
  28.                  a deeply damaged person
  29. his mistakes were also--
  30. his theoretical musings of the mind--
  31. --he finally disappeared one day
  32. --you know that time doesn’t accumulate
  33. We were talking about vaginas
  34. or I was
  35. I used to get multiple orgasms
  36. on my bike
  37.    It’s too soon to feel terrible