How The New York School Was Formed

  1. Franz Kline was drunk and listening to Wu-Tang: Enter the 36 Chambers.
  2. He said, “Hey Philip Guston, have you heard Wu-Tang?”
  3. “Of course I’ve heard Wu-Tang,” says Guston.
  4. “Jackson Pollack gave it to me. I think he burned it
  5. from O’Hara.” Then Rauschenberg walked in.
  6. “Is that Schoenberg?” he said.
  7. “No, it’s Wu-Tang,” they said. Then John Cage walked in.
  8. Then Cleanth Brooks. Then Garth Brooks
  9. and Tammy Wynette. They were all smoking dope,
  10. listening to Wu-Tang and painting.
  11. This is how the New York School was formed.