Mysterium Cosmographicum

  1. Ready, the circle ascends onto the
  2. base of triangles. From there it begins
  3. to whir. One side of the base bulges
  4. but, restricted by girth, creates
  5. a B turned outward, a difficult and
  6. beveled B that in turn splits apart to
  7. that other numeral, β, and as if to
  8. bulge out from its constrained noble side,
  9. tilts perilously close to an 8, or infinity if
  10. infinity were to dive fully into its angle and
  11. descend onto the base. Above, the blurred
  12. spinning of the circle has created about itself
  13. a cup, or ½ container, that with continued speed,
  14. builds upward so the lowest part of the sphere
  15. becomes obscured. What circulates above it—around,
  16. perhaps in opposite direction, or other side, retains
  17. the demi-circular, or half-spherical shape, but bloats,
  18. swells, almost to the same dimension as the base,
  19. from which inexplicable needles continue to point,
  20. in supposed exploration of space abutting their every direction.
  21. So now sighting within the exterior spinning cup, the sphere has been
  22. secondarily enclosed by an open-sided triangle transparent enough
  23. to reveal several pentagons jumbled together in the same disorder as
  24. a beehive interior—if a beehive were five-sided and not hexagrammatic.
  25. The same girds the newly formed container or half-world—assertive
  26. support necessary to the fledgling heating construction, plastic as
  27. opposed to its needled base and doubly outlined materials appear—
  28. appearances though are not reality & a look of solidity
  29. conceals hollow cores & treacherous joining.