Intelligent Water

  1. The algorithm is swarm-based nature visible in
  2. whatever element we find ourselves in:
  3. peoples, cities, towns, ports, promontories, hills,
  4. woods, mountains, valleys, rivers and fountains,
  5. therein contained. Also of seas, with their clyffes,
  6. reaches, turnings, elbows, quicksands, rocks, flattes,
  7. shelves and shores, contained and visible
  8. in algorithms of mathematical and progressive natures,
  9. shells that accumulate in knowing and mystery, secrete in
  10. calcium formula that apply larger to each consecutive
  11. uncovering in tidepool, safe, drawer, or cache. This
  12. is sometimes invisible to us, although decoders we try
  13. to be: The surueye of the Vvorld, or situation of the Earth,
  14. So Muche as Is Inhabited. Once so many fires burned
  15. along the shores and shelves briefly before a littoral
  16. zone turned to contagious interaction. I love all waste
  17. for in the litter my neighbors leave is the solution of
  18. how they move: the landscape is now unsettled, enormous.
  19. Forms travel over more subtle variations. Polyhedrons
  20. with ruins and strapwork. Wood blocks print over forests
  21. and convey our all-inclusive terms of settlement.