1. Forever is the saddest word
  2. The poem’s not worth it
  3. I’d like to read to you
  4. What Andy Warhol said
  5. About the traps of the rich
  6. But my tastes are changing
  7. This is a love note
  8. To a Fire Island lifeguard
  9. Tuscano shearling
  10. And mauve champagne
  11. I should never talk
  12. Even after two sips
  13. Though that’s when I can
  14. I hate the George V hotel
  15. But I would take you there
  16. Then walk to the open market
  17. Some thoughts are not that great
  18. The Internet is my home
  19. Where it appears easy to be beautiful
  20. And seen and new
  21. In the glow
  22. In the spell
  23. I thought I was better
  24. I guess I won’t ever be
  25. God wants us to make out
  26. Cause I’m in this airport
  27. A world where nobody’s important
  28. I just wrote a letter
  29. Explaining all of this to you
  30. In my head
  31. The prism refracts
  32. But the stone is cloudy
  33. All that comes through
  34. Are the deeper obsessions
  35. Arvid Nordquist and dry shampoo
  36. Cocaine and Pellegrino
  37. This weather should have an entry
  38. In A Lover’s Discourse
  39. A fully enclosed private garden
  40. With direct access to the pool
  41. Hardwood floors
  42. Perfect light
  43. I like to crave you
  44. Doesn't it ever just make you sad
  45. Plans you had with different people
  46. And how it all can't come true?
  47. I want the extremes
  48. Of pleasure
  49. Boredom
  50. Watching my lovers cry
  51. I really want to show something
  52. To the lifeguard from Fire Island
  53. Though I don’t have
  54. Thoughts like nectar
  55. International cities
  56. To stand here a young prince
  57. Unique in spirit
  58. Replete in hospitality
  59. Aren’t you even curious
  60. To see my hotel room
  61. After I swim?
  62. Sitting on my bed
  63. I typed
  64. Principal Dancer
  65. Into Youtube
  66. And drank
  67. To see the discourse
  68. And the honor
  69. Feels good
  70. Standing at my window
  71. Above Fifth Ave.
  72. The open breezy sidewalks
  73. Soft patinas of dirty flesh
  74. What I think I will miss most
  75. When I die
  76. Is color
  77. And the light
  78. Sometimes it just comes to you
  79. Amidst occasional instances
  80. Of radiance or darkness
  81. I mean
  82. Everyone has their shit
  83. Then enough time goes by
  84. That’s your life
  85. Maybe I expect too much
  86. I wouldn’t know how not to
  87. In my room
  88. With these portraits
  89. In gold frames
  90. Feels like theater
  91. MGM Pictures
  92. The bronze light of Hollywood
  93. 1928
  94. The future isn’t real
  95. I should walk in golden rays
  96. Past rows of motorcycles
  97. To Coney Island
  98. Because I know grace
  99. Is more real than love
  100. It feels so real
  101. In the morning
  102. On Fifth Ave
  103. With the lifeguard
  104. From Fire Island
  105. Weightless in badinage
  106. Whatever comes from
  107. Art and life
  108. Being can be too easy and common
  109. Like soda
  110. I let him come inside my world
  111. Because he gave me a key
  112. To Gramercy Park
  113. Maybe tonight
  114. I’ll have a breakdown
  115. Sometimes
  116. I use this French product
  117. To soften the water
  118. When I soak in the bathtub
  119. It is silent there
  120. Like a tomb
  121. Sometimes I wish
  122. I was already in mine
  123. Sometimes I wish
  124. The world had a face
  125. I could touch the cheek of
  126. When I feel
  127. I could be a part of it
  128. When I cannot
  129. And I lay in the hot water
  130. Sometimes I wish
  131. The pearlescent steam
  132. Could sublimate the malaise
  133. And the lassitude
  134. That is there inside of me
  135. Maybe it does
  136. I believe it is that way
  137. When the light touches down
  138. Upon bunny lawns
  139. Of Fifth Ave.
  140. I don’t care at all
  141. About the lifeguard so much
  142. Gravlax or Paris
  143. I should call this friend
  144. In Los Angeles
  145. An aesthete who hosts parties by the pool
  146. .