And Then We Started Again

  1. I need you as a red panda conquers Minnetonka,
  2. filling all the empty ponds with aqua vodka
  3. because he is a god from another planet trapped
  4. here when his intergalactic bicycle broke down.
  5. I need you like an elbow, like I need my elbow
  6. to be able to pick up a phone and call you from
  7. New Jersey Transit and ask you the time. Always
  8. I need you, even when the rubber palms pick up
  9. their saxophones to play love and anti-love bebop
  10. or to toss the schoolteachers and their stuffed
  11. walkie-talkie jewelry out of the classroom and
  12. into the revolving plaza where it is snowing
  13. miniature white kitty-cats and gooey marshmallow
  14. frogmen. Despite everything or because of everything,
  15. I need you most when I don’t need you at all,
  16. when all the windows are locked shut and I put
  17. my fuzzy earmuffs and flannel armor on, and
  18. then suddenly find you smiling and lying right
  19. next to me in our bed with all the covers drawn.