A Winter Light Feeds Just the Same

  1. We only sand down the rough edges we
  2. touch with our hands, while the spy satellites
  3. get distracted by multiple celebrity sightings.
  4. The company that produces them was bought
  5. by another company specializing in artificial
  6. palm trees for corporate lobbies located
  7. right inside the school. Please sign me up
  8. for the weaving class held each night when
  9. the news comes on.
  10. Sometimes it seems as if the whole system
  11. is set to stun, before or after the frightened
  12. livestock gets hoisted by its hind legs—
  13. it doesn’t really matter. I mean, who cares
  14. that the coaxing is now slightly nicer? I can’t
  15. even squeeze through the chute while wearing
  16. inflatable earmuffs and chaps. In fact,
  17. I’m more in danger of floating off into space,
  18. a small hand learning to let go of the string.
  19. We knew it had snowed without opening
  20. the curtains. You spent the rest of the afternoon
  21. in bed, dozing to the rhythm of plastic
  22. ice scrapers cracking against windshields
  23. in crystal patterns resembling petrochemical
  24. field marshals surveying the battlefield
  25. of freezer-aisle convenience, kinda like how
  26. the Jetsons make food, but not quite.
  27. Then you find yourself weeping for no reason.
  28. A winter light slowly seeps across America.
  29. A winter light blanches a million plasma TVs
  30. and bonus free handheld scanners, as we bury
  31. our fists in jumbo buckets of popcorn
  32. at the movies or disguise Band-Aids
  33. in chocolates before pin-and-mounting
  34. the faded butterfly wings, while a dog
  35. strains at its own leash and collar jingling
  36. with trinkets.
  37. I knew your pain for years until the sound
  38. from the intercom became indecipherable.
  39. This is the point where a cartoon parrot
  40. breakdances for cheap laughs. After abandoning
  41. the race along Cookie Road we walked
  42. the rest of the way watching the stars shine
  43. through our dimpled bike helmets, our
  44. inability to stop a slow leak under the sink.
  45. But we had bigger aspirations than that,
  46. along with the darkness to contend with.
  47. We push up daisies every day and grease
  48. our scrapbooks with sticks of warm butter.
  49. In any case, I could never afford that house,
  50. the one where we discovered nails jutting up
  51. from the floor after we took off our shoes and
  52. got intimate with the carpet. The bailout
  53. was slow in arriving as gunmen rushed
  54. through the kitchen, bullets landing in
  55. the soup, apron pockets, and knife drawer.