1. There is little romance or tragedy
  2. these days and there is much
  3. that is romantic and tragic.
  4. February blooms burst from branches,
  5. get hammered to sidewalks by rain,
  6. decay and wash away.
  7. Maturity and decay are on the rise
  8. and the youth are in control
  9. except for seats of power and of control
  10. where the sky is February crystalline blue,
  11. a backdrop for green puckered with hotter blooms.
  12. The air is a perfume of a dozen flowers, a perfume
  13. of at least four right now in bloom,
  14. cornflower among them.
  15. I love my dog, who lives inside my mind.
  16. I become my dog at times and sit and look with his eyes.
  17. I like my work. It’s true. But work blinds me
  18. to all I once thought I wanted to do.
  19. Fly like a kite.
  20. Swim like a bird.
  21. Write like a fish.
  22. And be plain.