To Sing

  1. The house is a dovecote
  2. and the bed is a bed of jasmines.
  3. The door is wide open
  4. to the whole world.
  5. The child: your motherly heart
  6. grown large.
  7. In these rooms:
  8. everything that has blossomed.
  9. The child makes you into a garden,
  10. and you, my wife, make the child into
  11. a room full of jasmine,
  12. a dovecote of rose.
  13. Around your skin
  14. I bind and unbind my own.
  15. You exude a noon-time
  16. of honey: a noon.
  17. Who entered this house
  18. and left it deserted?
  19. I remember:
  20. I am somebody, and he has died.
  21. Roundest light comes
  22. to the whitest almond trees.
  23. Life, and light digs deeply down
  24. among the dead men and the gullies.
  25. The future is prosperous,
  26. like those horizons
  27. of pure porphyry and marble
  28. where mountains breathe.
  29. The house, kindled
  30. by kissing and love’s shadow, burns.
  31. Life can’t go on
  32. more deeply, more charged than this.
  33. Mute and overflowing, milk
  34. illuminates your bones.
  35. And the house, with child and kisses,
  36. is flooded with it.
  37. You, your abundant womb,
  38. the child and the dove.
  39. My wife, over your husband
  40. the sea’s passage resounds.