The World Is As It Appears

  1. The world is as it appears
  2. before my five senses,
  3. and before yours, which are
  4. the borders of my own.
  5. The others’ world
  6. is not ours: not the same.
  7. You are the body of water
  8. that I am—we, together,
  9. are the river
  10. which as it grows deeper
  11. is seen to run slower, clearer.
  12. Images of life—
  13. as soon as we receive them,
  14. they receive us, delivered
  15. jointly, in one rhythm.
  16. But things form themselves
  17. in our own delirium.
  18. The air has the hugeness
  19. of the heart I breathe,
  20. and the sun is like the light
  21. with which I challenge it.
  22. Blind to the others,
  23. dark, always remiss,
  24. we always look inside,
  25. we see from the most intimate places.
  26. It takes work and love
  27. to see these things with you;
  28. to appear, like water
  29. with sand, always one.
  30. No one will see me completely.
  31. Nor is anyone the way I see him.
  32. We are something more than we see,
  33. something less than we look into.
  34. Some parts of the whole
  35. pass unnoticed.
  36. No one has seen us. We have seen
  37. no one, blind as we are from seeing.