Extreme Heat & Salt

  1. It starts to be all of the time
  2. before now that gets too hard to
  3. imagine you living in,
  4. alive until I can confirm your life’s
  5. been in existence, if it is
  6. now. You tell me if we were
  7. dead—this could be then—it would
  8. be very similar, will I
  9. rest in days it takes to empty
  10. my body of organs, eternity not just yet of
  11. concern; your legs dangled off the edge of a cliff
  12. I can’t say I was ever there, exactly, or will ever
  13. get to be, the eroded edge of rock left
  14. lines mark variations in imprint
  15. on the back of your thigh & calf:
  16. the lost message I’m hoping
  17. I get to see—you were
  18. breathing then—in the moments I
  19. might have to myself, before we open
  20. our mouths & ruin separation—clouds lined
  21. the landscape, that I know, b/c it was
  22. how I saw it w/out you.