Sleeps Under a Vine in the North

  1. The way royalty did it, too,
  2. you imbibe to have
  3. this echelon’s arms drape
  4. over your body, slide
  5. over your protruding
  6. scapula, call you azizi, but
  7. this alcohol makes even
  8. a man wearing a crown
  9. sad. You scour the dirt
  10. walkways trying to find the blue
  11. lotus, but it only looks,
  12. as depicted in scenes
  13. of faces shoving into the bowl
  14. of the flower, to cause
  15. those effects that occur when
  16. the mind goes beyond; you
  17. will not find anything
  18. you, voraciously, crave.
  19. You will not find anything.
  20. I overhear, as you fall back-
  21. wards down the entranceway’s
  22. incline, mumbling,
  23. I am stronger than the lord of strength.
  24. I copulate and have power over millions.
  25. But I can’t even clear the air of
  26. paralysis: I know you’re out there
  27. unable to get inside & have forgotten
  28. you still live with me.