300 Feet of Solid Rock

  1. You want to sink your teeth into my skin
  2. & what comes under, your tongue, a 7-gauge-
  3. needle, secured by incisors & cuspids then you need
  4. glass after glass of water to wash my taste off
  5. your lips & out of your mouth. You take
  6. the water for granted—everyone you know
  7. would be dead if it weren’t for its cyclic
  8. nature—when sand is all around you, that I
  9. can replenish to fullness by excess, cover my hand
  10. in flush turning to droplets. I don’t want
  11. to know you—this taste, my skin’s sheen &
  12. pheromones & sweat, undo what only you can do.
  13. Am I in charge of your mouth, what goes in—
  14. aren’t I meant to come out & disappear.