O victory forget your underwear we’re free

  1. O victory you’re teary and gassy
  2. O victory they dumpster’d your books
  3. O victory you find me out as I ride underground
  4. O victory you came slowly and growly across America
  5. O victory your American night Ginsberg’s and Dylan’s and di Prima’s
  6. O victory you came and found me I did not try to win
  7. O victory from Arab spring to deep wet fall
  8. O victory there’s no end to this jump on the wheel right where you are
  9. O victory free already and where does freedom go
  10. O victory I’m spinning, the skin I’m in
  11. O victory to the bridge to the park the square the streets
  12. O victory if we could if we could touch
  13. O victory tongues, tongues, tongues
  14. O victory I am falling for you they’ve got me by the tase
  15. O victory from afar while I click and glow I see and know
  16. O victory in the cries of the waterlogged librarians
  17. O victory in the char of lowest Manhattan
  18. O victory goes commando wears no underthing