Careless Love

  1. As if disappointment were a thing
  2. tangible, I could hold it in
  3. my teeth, bring it down, could defeat
  4. the entire gift. And I did,
  5. made use of an animal inside me, said Yes,
  6. said I believe I will until finally
  7. belief was enough. I swallowed.
  8. It was complete. The game gone quietly,
  9. gone just how I wanted or, not
  10. as I wanted, how I imagined it: in the dream,
  11. we were ruthless, twin ravens, we spread
  12. our black wings to the ground and were risen,
  13. brazen, our brood caught dumb
  14. between our beaks. Together, we had
  15. borne them. Together, we would eat—