from Tanka Diary

  1. *
  2. Suddenly orchids in bloom
  3. no longer were rare exotic luxuries,
  4. but sold at tempting prices in the corner market.
  5. *
  6. Among dried brown leaves, a paper panty-
  7. liner dropped on the sidewalk yet looking
  8. clean ‘n’ fresh, folded in its clear plastic pouch.
  9. *
  10. Southern California family surprised
  11. to discover uninvited black bear taking
  12. a dip in their suburban pool.
  13. *
  14. Jogging along the avenue with sporty
  15. baby strollers, they are lean and sleek in
  16. spandex pants, proving themselves fit parents.
  17. *
  18. A scenic backdrop of young bamboo stalks
  19. growing in a corner of the yard, inspiring
  20. the children’s tropical adventures.
  21. *
  22. For every community plot and rooftop
  23. garden, how many seeds that sprouted in crooked
  24. cracks, the plants that no one planted?
  25. *
  26. I wonder who left this grubby old teddy bear
  27. wedged between bars of a metal fence,
  28. looking as if it’s breaking out of jail.