All the Dogs were Blue But You

  1. I thought, why not? Then I thought not.
  2. Everything on the television is on fire. Error
  3. I’ve got it. I error error. Am I around
  4. because of you? Who are you? Atoms
  5. fiercely holding one another. A lot of air
  6. is hard to catch. Some people watch people
  7. fish on television. Unstable memories. What do
  8. you look like? What did you like to look at?
  9. Someone gives you a cake. It is the saddest
  10. cake in the world. Its taste, an unstable
  11. memory. A ribbon of parks. What is a ribbon
  12. of parks? You like the word lunatic.
  13. All I want to do is draw another picture
  14. of a baby monkey riding a pig. If you knew
  15. you knew, you too might be blue.