I Am Not the Train I Did Not Take

  1. My mind makes itself change. Takes
  2. itself to change when feeling brave or bright.
  3. I want the engine. I invent a machine,
  4. I mean engine. My map this mess, trying
  5. to make the most of many things. We have
  6. tried to find some things. You, the town is small
  7. and our eyes are smaller! Bright plants,
  8. these are arrows with weight. The signs
  9. that glass and calm. You are wearing a shirt.
  10. The weather is dreamy keep reading.
  11. This is about shapes and positions.
  12. Planet-hunting instruments. If you want
  13. to paint a ceiling so that it looks far away
  14. how do you paint it so? To be a random wind
  15. storm. The door across the street opens.
  16. We have been careful with you. As quiet as
  17. the snow. And then, even quieter. The tiniest
  18. spiders have brains extending into their legs.
  19. Brains in your legs! You let someone learn
  20. to like it. You need not know what it means.
  21. Like the idea that if you are touching someone
  22. you know someone is there.