Gestures Are a Language

  1. There’s the egg on the desk,
  2. legs dangling down. There’s the shaking
  3. of everything. That is a good deal
  4. the things moving down the street.
  5. Can we summarize this amazing fact?
  6. Human and animal movement.
  7. Things I am currently capable of,
  8. getting from one place to another.
  9. Like from that surface to that there
  10. lower surface. Say a floor. A new beach
  11. built suddenly. What’s at stake
  12. are the consequences. I am stop done.
  13. I cannot be. Future future future,
  14. a farther idea than the quiet can get to.
  15. The nerves carrying the information.
  16. Error detection is endless or it isn’t.
  17. You make a call into operations.
  18. You want something so clear
  19. you break it. You walk through it,
  20. it breaking. I don’t remember the bear
  21. from last year. No one saw the bear this year.
  22. My memory breaking. My memory broken.
  23. What you can take is a token. It’s terrible
  24. with the telling. How you might learn
  25. in the light and feel in the dark. Everyone
  26. is here for the moves. Here might enter some
  27. controversy. For all. What is vital?
  28. When you come to be afraid of far
  29. from what you thought you would,
  30. you might be far for far longer
  31. than can seem possible. It is a move
  32. and a move. It’s more moves. To endure
  33. the uncertainty make moving.
  34. Arm structures outstretched. A gesture
  35. producing an internal state. Constituting
  36. a feeling. Not forgetting.