If You Are Near Land When

  1. If you are near land when you want to be
  2. on land, that is a most fortunate situation.
  3. A bottle of St. Germain full of trains.
  4. Why isn’t water like other water? St. Germain
  5. a drink, I think. Or for a drink, I think.
  6. Land sinks in certain situations. It can be a most
  7. unfortunate situation. The system is widespread.
  8. Near and on, are not the same thing. They are
  9. in the same song. Pulled towards a singularity.
  10. I always draw a goose. A zebra sings this
  11. song. See how trails might appear? Tails?
  12. Tales? Trains? Trails of light in water. You
  13. don’t want the special disruptions to tear
  14. you apart. A better body is like a better body
  15. of water. With it, is what has come into it.
  16. Land like an object. I can’t stop looking at
  17. this object. I won’t stop listening to this song.
  18. People I love sing it. I used to live here
  19. with someone.