Poem to Make You Levitate

  1. I began the day wanting to write a poem about the sea, the shoreline
  2. and a group of nudes beginning their day by looking at the sea —
  3. an attempt to demonstrate self-consciousness, the turning of a wheel
  4. that demands the throwing of oneself before it and the getting up
  5. and dusting of oneself off and walking to the sea. I kept beginning
  6. the day in this way, and it struck me one of the nudes should be
  7. hideously disfigured, will have stayed on his towel while the others
  8. walked down to the sea, and the wheel will have been poised beside him,
  9. arrested by the way he folds his brow. He will have been thinking
  10. about his childhood, and by turns, about futures, a mutual exclusivity,
  11. to his mind. I began the day wanting to write this poem, but decided
  12. to dream it instead. Decided I should write another poem about two
  13. retired musicians teaching music and taking some time off to plan
  14. a broadway show, a pastiche of New York musical genres, to showcase
  15. their polyphony — by nature, an impossibility, which predicated
  16. its planning to begin with, though each musician would be offered
  17. a stipend or honorary something as pay for a night that could have been
  18. spent otherwise. To begin to write a poem about composers.