Prayer Heard Through A Wall

  1. As my heart raced and I ran as a child toward separate dreams
  2. That raise fine arm-hair to the stench of burnt kerotin and call
  3. To the ambling of wolves on the floor below until a self-possession
  4. Entirely flat in its bucolic oddity is undermined by the trickle
  5. Of early REM to the shins like a stray yelping in its three minutes
  6. Of fantastic crouch-sniffing to wake for a moment and carry over
  7. Such adumbrations as the mind is wont to busy its hands with
  8. A turnstyle of absolutes that evaporates as such a precondition
  9. Of its own existence to be here and to gather its slight cabinet
  10. Of curiosities only to be abandoned again in a dark morning