One Hundred and Fifteen Palaces

  1. Get in your bestiary
  2. Get in your magenta clemency
  3. Get in your Americanisms
  4. Get in your preseason lounging suite
  5. Get in your deep shit
  6. Get in your dribble economy
  7. Get in your Presidential bubble bath
  8. Get in your rocky mountain high
  9. Get in your encasement of solid blood
  10. Get in your forbidden city
  11. Get in on the copper lightning of a cheek
  12. Get in on the seductress convention
  13. Get in on the recovery threshold
  14. Get in on the misty collective breath
  15. Get in on the chlorophyll spectrum depository
  16. Get in on the mating patterns of gulls
  17. Get in on the greater sense of antelope
  18. Get in on the digital dump site
  19. Get in on the getting it on
  20. Get in on falling from boulder to mouth
  21. Step into the sun room
  22. Step into the sensation of gulping sunny delight
  23. Step into the fire of the throat
  24. Step into the only accessible memory
  25. Step into the only accessible memory of running
  26. Step into the collection of antique cookie tins
  27. Step into the bower of painted waves
  28. Step into the metal pail and act predictably
  29. Step into the word by the way it is mispronounced
  30. Step into the volume with watery feet
  31. Arrive at a field housed in the center courtyard
  32. Arrive in the alcove dedicated to tree peepholes
  33. Arrive at the parking space for hoverers
  34. Arrive at the toolbar plugin shed
  35. Arrive at the arena of competitive navel-gazers
  36. Arrive by twilight with the scent-rubbings of indigenous stems
  37. Arrive by the tropisms of your ancestors
  38. Arrive as a moviegoer in a blindingly-bright theater
  39. Arrive at the truth that your fingers will never relax
  40. Arrive at your fraudulence in a field of mums
  41. Go to sleep in the language of your country
  42. Go to sleep in the circumference of woodwind ceremony
  43. Go to sleep in the warmth of science
  44. Go to sleep alone
  45. Go to sleep with many stuffed animals facing the wall
  46. Go to sleep, but make it a party in your pants
  47. Go to sleep to the sound of mechanical emissions
  48. Go to the sleep on the strawberry-red carpet, redder than any strawberry
  49. Go to sleep and catch no fish
  50. Go to sleep. The designated resting hours evaporate
  51. Wake up in the wiry miasma
  52. Wake up and accost the Duchess
  53. Wake up inside a cardboard plot
  54. Wake up and tongue the micro-climate of your own mouth
  55. Wake up and aim at glass Buddhas in the Pistol Zen Hall
  56. Wake up! There’s no more green in this joint
  57. Wake up and amend the window situation
  58. Wake up in the deep blue pools of your kidneys
  59. Wake up in three consecutive waves
  60. Wake up and start and collapse and regenerate
  61. Whisper across the oaky song sauna
  62. Whisper across authentic jars of poison
  63. Whisper across the sister society of ear-piercers
  64. Whisper your imitations of nesting men
  65. Whisper specific landmarks of the property line
  66. Whisper into the dancing bags of artichoke fat
  67. Whisper into the freaky, scaly depths
  68. Whisper into the boning socket
  69. Whisper into the unless
  70. Whisper. Or don’t. Adjust the dial.
  71. Turn a corner to find your leisure waiting
  72. Turn a corner and smell the blooming fields of lavender money
  73. Turn a corner by rotating your favorite spinal column
  74. Turn a corner down on the drifty sheets
  75. Turn a corner in your palace of scratched white slabs
  76. Turn a corner; the fish market is closed on Tuesdays
  77. Turn a corner as you swim the Blue Whale artery
  78. Turn a corner to covet the darkened meat
  79. Turn a corner in your maze of giddy ghosts
  80. Turn a corner. You are here too early
  81. From a distance you notice your lover in a box
  82. From a distance you first glimpse the evangelism factory
  83. From a distance you watch the house build itself
  84. From a distance you call out to the lowering language
  85. From a distance you anticipate the feeling of a snake in your boot
  86. From a distance you finger the discarded swatches
  87. From a distance, imagine her cultivated pile of infomercial
  88. From a distance, create a vacuum seal
  89. From a distance, squint into a den of caged weepers
  90. From a distance, purchase your last lick
  91. A place for nothing, just hanging around
  92. A place for smearing the clay walls
  93. A place to collect the manuals
  94. A place for meditating with an open asshole
  95. A place for tipping the god-damned vats
  96. A place for grinding the insects to powder
  97. A place for your chalkboard lessons
  98. A place where there’s always juice in the fridge
  99. A place to name things after your old things
  100. A place exists where nobody does this
  101. Tell your friends to convene in the lung as it is ballooned
  102. Decorate your rooms with specialists
  103. You come from a place of beards in the snow
  104. You will never see where the centipede lives
  105. You will never set foot in ______________