1. that which extends the subject the dislike of love-toys
  2. the rose near the tail of the lion
  3. the profane letter her faults omitted
  4. lovely naera so many doves their legs shake
  5. the one refusing to pause at heaven
  6. the mother of modesty cutting the coat for the dandy
  7. the hummingbird suspended its wings off
  8. half-turns the villain confessing the false key
  9. the terrible look of the boy impatient with the photographer
  10. the hide-bound calf in pasture
  11. the magician pulling unspeakable miseries from his hat
  12. elsewhere the sweet voice of the neapolitan
  13. the gaze of rimbaud the lightening storm the snow field
  14. the french poodle who would gladly die for love
  15. the one hour for deceitful kisses
  16. the tedious discourse of the healed
  17. the ugly sparrow-mouthed face of the glassman
  18. constantinople and by chance orgies
  19. the well-proportioned leg
  20. the rooster possessed with a savage persuasion of false honor
  21. the skeleton freed from the breast of the lover
  22. cleopatra’s lovely speeches her maids
  23. emilia lydia may who is all in all
  24. the kitchen full of wooden proverbs
  25. the rose-colored heart-wave
  26. the beauty trader emerging his song carries for miles
  27. applause for the kingdom with butterflies
  28. the aphorisms of the mad are lovely bring them flowers