1. I abandoned my luxurious mortuary
  2. to claim this sustained happiness.
  3. These days, it seems to rise
  4. like an ordinary sun, routinely.
  5. Inside, I am wind, whirring,
  6. the agency of believing in something,
  7. a spark that expands
  8. like a spectacle.
  9. Of course, it’s a small audience, the language
  10. often inconspicuous.
  11. Appendages extend in my womb;
  12. something grows, like an aspect.
  13. My need for self-importance wanes.
  14. My husband dances, like a mind,
  15. as if around the glaring moon.
  16. We’re surrounded by flowers,
  17. something settles, imperceptibly,
  18. we talk less, become familiar
  19. as the gradations of darkness.
  20. I harbor a child, like a living dream,
  21. and it longs to open its eyes,
  22. like a world to light,
  23. where we cannot hide
  24. like faces.