Ten, Possibly 20,000 Years

  1. It is possible
  2. for a letter to have gone
  3. unanswered forever.
  4. It can be impossible
  5. not to anthropomorphize
  6. everything.
  7. Anthropomorphizing, say,
  8. something incarnate
  9. say, to personify something human,
  10. exploding its qualities
  11. exponentially. Impossible
  12. to resist exploded views
  13. and cut-a-ways and glimpses.
  14. You say one small sentence,
  15. it resonates through those famous-
  16. ly infinite vaults of memory.
  17. And it hurts.
  18. It attaches itself.
  19. It is like a big tick
  20. on a scrawny dog’s ear.
  21. It is like acid on silk.
  22. It is like milk moustaches by the dozens.
  23. It is like a secret flying squirrel flying in circles.
  24. It is like an owl in a jacklight on a life jacket.
  25. It is like the idea of a leash, of a leash.
  26. It isn’t about to go anywhere.
  27. It likes it here.
  28. It can’t remain on earth if it goes
  29. any where else, any where else but here,
  30. any one else might shake it off,
  31. any one else might tear it away,
  32. any one else might shred it,
  33. any one else might say there is a difference
  34. between an echo and an echo that echoes
  35. forever.  This is the rule of shine.
  36. Here is a supernumerary state of mind.