1. Sailors carry a wooden ship across the Caucasus.
  2. They are Argonauts.
  3. They are Merchant Marines.
  4. They are making a movie.
  5. I fall into a cloud of bees. They take me apart.
  6. My chips and scraps are sealed in wax and
  7. fed on royal jelly until I puzzle back together
  8. and break the hive open, beclouded
  9. with pollen, pollen on my eyelashes.
  10. They are just words sequencing now,
  11. little factories on the grid. The cars
  12. rolling right along on time in waves through reeds.
  13. As for me, I am displaced. I am feeling
  14. new buildings emitting flame or
  15. dome shapes, scalloped towers, jagged
  16. clocks. Cobblestones trip me up and
  17. sometimes a bioluminescent plum pulses by.
  18. The Black Sea comes down to a mineral brick,
  19. it evaporates to a pine nut, a crystal cone. Further,
  20. the Danube approaches, ripples of breaded veal. Istanbul
  21. approaches the scaffolding, the Golden Horn is under
  22. my pillow as I try to sleep in a polystyrene room. I mean,
  23. under a polystyrene moon.
  24. Together we row and dine on skate.
  25. We lift the propeller-gashed manatees
  26. with winch and a sling. Their muscles
  27. twitch beside their pinhole eyes.
  28. We lower them into a lake.
  29. I unwind some helixes and slither
  30. beneath the whizzing frisbees,
  31. There are sails whipping
  32. all up and down the dock.
  33. The bee cloud descends before my face.
  34. I see each bee face, each eye,
  35. each eye sees me multiply.