Invisible Friend

  1. Let us begin with a variable x.
  2. Say x = pebble. Glitch
  3. through which the rising
  4. stem must become a will itself,
  5. negotiate with bend. Bend will signature
  6. the self, calligrapher’s hairs on a cliff
  7. taking names. When you sound said name,
  8. thank the obstructions:
  9. your teeth and tongue, with them
  10. thank your glottis, thank
  11. your larynx and lips.
  12. Ask for an axe, ask for a quill,
  13. ask for the wrong tool to make a mark.
  14. Let us lay lines of rise-left catch-in-throat.
  15. In a felt kiss the obstructions sound
  16. wrong, are it. Tag, study.