1. Just rest now - the cascade of days will form
  2. a lion on your shoulder. Watcher, companion
  3. for the final solar storm’s begin.
  4. There is a house inside your medulla oblongata.
  5. There, retract now and reduce.
  6. There are mice in the barn; there are lions riding up
  7. on Ferris wheel, waiting for their turn to exit.
  8. New Jersey spills out lights and trees,
  9. pines weep a resin, the iron creeks' rangy orange
  10. rust clouds loom in grooves toward
  11. Egg Harbor. Love is a kind of yeast, a fungus
  12. that breathes things into you. A cataract of love
  13. in New Jersey means a voter and a driver.
  14. We listen to the kids at school,
  15. the parents in Philadelphia, graphing and fondling
  16. the numbers, the dollars, the Pound mint coins.
  17. Just rest now. This is all there is. The atom at
  18. the end of your eyelash, your shoulder a
  19. savannah, a rhymed expanse of skin detected
  20. by satellites. Imagine something they can't see.
  21. Cerebrum. Lion. Iron oxidized. Philadelphia.